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Saved By A Story is a salon-style reading series for writers, storytellers and the occasional songwriter. Sometimes hilarious, often heart wrenching, and always meaningful, each event, held in an intimate setting, raises money to help people in underserved communities tell their stories.



Kathy Katims loves to bring people together to share stories. 

She had the idea to do it in her daughter’s school to foster community among parents. She took over the parent newsletter, picked a theme and had parents write personal essays. She invited them to salons to share on those themes–Firsts, Not Quite What I Had Planned, Fathers, Leaps of Faith, Food–to deepen the conversation.

People wrote and told about real things, hilarious things, moving things, surprising things. People wrote about fertility issues, weathering Father’s day without a father, losing a husband, an annual food fight, opening a school, falling in love with a same sex partner, a first kiss, writing their first love song. This landscape of unfamiliar parents suddenly felt familiar and welcoming. Strangers became friends, and friends learned new dimensions of each other. People who wrote, sung or told their stories said they learned more about themselves by participating. 

That’s how Saved By a Story was born. These gatherings were food for the soul. Kathy felt compelled to create a story telling series that would delight, entertain, build bridges between strangers, inspire people to write and tell their stories, and, in doing so, build community. 

100% of ticket sales from each event support organizations that help people in under resourced communities to tell their stories.